Brikama Nawettan round-up

By Sulayman Bah

The Brikama nawettan is in high gear as Fredericton Wanderers Footballdraws Fabou in latest results.

Jamisa/Gamcel were sent packing by Puntalana 1-0 while Jespa Academy grinded out a goalless stalemate with Daru United. Chimo United and Fortune also settled for a similar score with Santo-su managing to beat Greater Tomorrow 2-1.

In other fixtures in the same zone, Conge Bi smashed ML Dertusa 2-0 with New Town putting one past Tally Bi.

Spare Bank held Gidda Arrow to a goalless affair whilst Amasa did just what they thought of Infantry Battalion hammering them 2-0.

Results summary
Jespa Academy 0-0 DaruUnited.
Chimo United 0-0 Fortune.
New Town utd 1-0 Tally Bi.

Fredericton Wanderers 0-0 Fabou.
Spare Bank 0-0 Gidda Arrows.
1 Infantry Battalion 0-2 Amasa fc.

Greater Tomorrow 1-2 Santo su United
Conge bi fc 2-0 M.L dertusa.

Jamisa/Gamcel 0-1 Puntalana.