The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education is pleased to release the results of the 2017 Gambia Basic Education Certificate Examinations.  

The total number of candidates who entered for the examination was 22,136 students of whom 10,075 males and 12,061 females.

Philip M Goba, Ancha Sarr and Rejoice Favour Uyamadu all of St Therese’s Upper Basic are the top candidates with a 1 (one) in all their nine subjects.

A total of 21 candidates scored aggregate 6, an increase of 5, in 2017

8 are from St Therese’s Upper Basic.

2 from                  Presentation of St Mary’s

2 from                  Ndow’s Comprehensive Upper Basic

1 from                  Charles Jow Academy (22nd July)

1 from                  SOS Hermann Gmeiner New Covenant Upper Basic

1 from                  ABC Upper Basic Talinding Upper Basic

1 from                  St Peter’s Upper Basic

1 from                  Sibanor Upper Basic

1 from                  Old Yundum Upper Basic

1 from                  Kunkujang Keitaya Upper Basic

1 from                  Anne Marie Rivier

1 from                  Tahir Ahmadiyaa Muslim Upper Basic


Candidates are to receive their individual results from their respective schools.

Admission to grade 10 should be based on passes in the core subjects to be decided by boards of governors and not exceeding aggregate 42.