STUDENTS’ VOICE With Saikou Suwareh Jabai

Hello readers! You are welcome to yet another edition of your weekly Student’s Voice. We feature stories, articles and poems, etc, from students and teachers alike. We encourage other students to contribute and get their writing skills developed. The column is open to all and sundry in the education milieu in The Gambia. Sit back, relax and enjoy these fascinating pieces.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”, Steve Jobs

Still the tears fresh
Oh when will I rest?
Just don’t console me
For this heart is drunk
Drunk with sorrow till it drips
Do you know the pain?
Do you feel it?
Or maybe it was your aim
Just to soak me into despair
And leave me to wonder

Slowly I recall your words
If only they were plain enough
But no: they cracked my heart
Let me cry and let the sun fry my skin till it dries and dies along with me
Let the monster learn the lessons of life
For what walks around your neighbor’s home
May surely knock on yours one day
If only I could be happy like a child
But there’s no use
For am weak to forget
This pain swimming in my bloodstream
I wish this was all a dream a dream!!! of cause a dream
Am not singing
But am pouring out my heart
But will it heal the cracks?
Oh lord see how your servant suffers
See how I differ from others
Oh please give me the strength to fight it
Sorrow yes its eating away my heart
Pain is digging deeper
For I can’t stand its forces
Yes its forces have conquered this servant of yours
Lonely scary nights I stare and hate it
My tears are flowing slowly like the sea at a low tide
I wish to see the track of happiness
But when? When everything seems to never end!

By Maimuna Joof,

The Unpredictable.


My feelings slumbers
Like my grandpa’s walking stick
Paddling the wind in terror
Whiles the world whistles like a flute
He can bear me say
I am down
But not totally out
Knocked by my mistakes
Melting my heartbeat with joy for his childish acts
His era expired
Buried deep into the laps of the earth
He have no say
But to permit me find my way
His attitude might be a mistake
Perhaps old age dwells on him
Counting like a premature little boy
His mind is mentally unbalanced

I am down
But not totally out
His age popping like popcorn
Cracking like yesterday’s crackers
He is down
But not totally out.
By Lamin Barrow.


With patience we advocate
To educate and never negate
Across the globe we should unify
As care givers and solidify
Against the enemies of progress
As we are for peace and that’s our address
Tell them to break and salvage the weak
The homes are empty as the slaying is at its peak
Are we not sent to maintain peace?
Should we design missiles in order to decrease?
We are from Adam and so is Eve
Why should we hate and not forgive
Rekindle the mind for it to reflect
We are one and must not divide as sect.

By Marabi S. Hydara,

Islamic Online University


The loud echoes in her head’s confinement
In the haunted dark voices
That spectrally calls for sadistic ends
Secretes the truest gist of amity
Its confusing shells crushed
Deep within its paranormal walls
Beyond simple human indulgence

She fears not her end
But what waits beyond this brawl
The never ending skirmishes we fight
And what they turn us into
The scars they leave with us
The less human we become
For she has seen it all.

By Sheriff Jaiteh,