LRR Schools Close For NaYConF

By Kebba Jeffang
Schools within the Lower River Region (LRR) were compelled to close
for the Christmas holidays a week earlier than the scheduled date forthe vacation in order to make the classrooms available for the
accommodation of participants attending the eleventh edition of the National
Youth Conference and Festival (NaYConF).
In addition to providing accommodation facilities, it was revealed
that all schools in the region have donated a total sum of over
sixteen thousands dalasi to the local organising committee for the
Commenting further on the financial donation from the schools, Mr Musa
Susso, the Regional Education Director for the Lower River region,
said it was both the teachers and students in the region who made
voluntarily contributions towards the funding of NaYConF.
Mr. Susso said the days lost in this early closure will be compensated
by re-opening school a week earlier than the official date for the
upper and senior secondary schools. As for the lower basic schools, he
said they will be resuming later on 12th January because a large
number of teachers at this level are involved in an ongoing teacher
training programme under the Gambia College during the holidays.
However, Pakalinding Upper Basic School will be closing later as its
ground is not affected by the event.