Deyda’s family and friends marked the 10th anniversary of his murderDeda
On Tuesday 16 December 2014. Deyda’s family, friends and
media practitioners marked the tenth anniversary through prayer and
messages of solidarity at the family residence.
After a recitation of the Qur’an, remarks were made by media chiefs,friends and family members on the personality of Deyda Hydara. Speaker
after speaker spoke well of the late Deyda Hydara.
In her remarks Mrs Maria Hydara, the widow of late Deyda Hydara, who
became emotional and could not hold her tears, said she will never
forget her late husband. She spoke well of her husband and narrated an
experience which indicated that he defied all odds in spite of
frequent threats and risks to his life. She thanked the media
fraternity, friends and relatives for their solidarity in the past ten
years. Special thanks went to Pap Saine for his support.
Mr Pap Saine, the director of The Point, expressed thanks for the
solidarity that has been displayed. He pointed out that being a media
practitioner is full of challenges and called for prayers to
strengthen the media. He narrated how the Point was founded on the
birthday of Maria (Deyda’s widow) on 16 December 1991 by Deyda Hydara,
Baboucarr Gaye and himself. He said marking this day is a mixture of
both joy and sorrow for Maria.
He talked about the humanity of Deyda, citing as an example how he
mobilized the raising of funds which was used to fence the Jeshwang
Mr Swaebou Conateh, a doyen of the media, who braved all physiological
challenges to get to the venue spoke well of Deyda whom he had a close
relation with. He dilated on Deyda’s contribution to the development
of the media in The Gambia. He emphasized that the media has undergone
significant progress over the years and Deyda’s contribution has to be
He praised The Point for keeping the name of Deyda Hydara alive as
exemplified by the photo of Deyda on the front cover of the newspaper.
He called for steadfastness in the face of difficulties.
The managing editor of Foroyaa, Mr Sam Sarr, spoke of the importance
of humanity. He pointed out that the spirit of Deyda lives on; that
even though he died ten years ago he has not been forgotten and
immense solidarity continues to flourish; that even though the family
now lives far away from where they used to, that has not deterred
friends and the media fraternity from attending the annual prayer
meeting. He stressed that a simple, kind empathetic person can never
be forgotten after he/she has passed away. He talked about how Deyda
showed solidarity to other media houses, trained many young media
practitioners and contributed towards the development of the media. He
urged media practitioners to internalize such attributes and move
Family members and friends also spoke well of Deyda and how he
supported them in various ways, adding that his widow has followed his
The occasion ended with a prayer.