By Sailu Bah in Banjul – 9pm, 30 Dec 2014
Sporadic heavy gunfire between the hours of 2am and 4am on 30 December 2014 Yaya Jammehkept residents of Banjul awake.
Banjulians who spoke to Foroyaa said the sound of the gunfire came
from the direction of State House.During daylight Banjulians who ventured out saw soldiers patrolling
the streets of Banjul, especially in the vicinity of state house. A
source said they were asked to go back home by the soldiers.
The capital city of Banjul was paralysed with no movement of vehicles
moving around or coming in from the Kombos or going out. The ferry was
also not operating. The city was completely sealed off with no movement
allowed in or out, with the exception of military or intelligence
personnel. The situation was later eased with restricted movement of private vehicles allowed and the ferry making at least one trip late in the afternoon. Vehicles were now allowed in and out of Banjul.
So far no official information confirming the attempted coup or
otherwise has been made and that no casualties have been announced as
a result of the shootings, but some reports are indicating that there
were deaths with the varying figure of four to five.
However, Foroyaa can confirm the death of one Bakary Bojang, whose
relatives say he has mental problems.