By Saikou Suwareh Jabai
Following the sudden closure of Sinchu Alagi based Taranga FM on
Thursday, 1st January 2015, by the police and the arrest and releaseon bail of its acting Managing Director, the radio is now back on air.

Mr. Biram B. Jobe, the Programme Manager, confirmed to this reporter
in an interview that everything is fine and that the radio will resume
operations on Monday, 12 January, 2015.

On whether the radio will proceed with the new programme content it
has planned to start in the New Year, Mr. Jobe said they will but that
some would be delayed due certain circumstances,
The Programme Manager said the radio was not officially ordered to
close down by the government.

He concluded by assuring their audience that the radio is fully
committed in serving the community and the country at large in new
status as a private radio.

This recent closure was the latest of the many times the radio was
closed without court order. The last was in 2012 when it was ordered
to go off air for 18 months and re-opened in January 2014.