Judge agrees prosecution is dragging former WAAPP Coordinator’s case

By Rohey Jadama
Justice Emmanuel Amadi of the Special Criminal Division of High Court
said he concurred with the defence that the prosecution is dragging
the case of the former Coordinator of the West Africa Agricultural
Productivity Project, Sheikh Tijan Sosseh.
When the case was called, Olimatou Danso, state counsel, told the
court that they intend to proceed with PW7 but he was not in
court. She added that she had called the said witness two days ago but
he did not show up. She then apologized to the court for wasting
its time.
In response, Edward Singhatey, counsel for the accused, argued that
the prosecution did not give any cogent reason as to why PW7 was not
in court. He further argued that the case has suffered so many
setbacks and that it has been proceeding for 18 months now during
which the prosecution could only call six witnesses. He said the
prosecution is still dragging the case. “My lord, we urge the court to
close their case and allow us to start with our defence,” submitted
In his ruling, the trial judge said in the interest of justice he will
allow PW7 to testify but added that if he fails to appear at the
next proceeding, he will then close the prosecution’s case.
Justice Amadi said even if the accused person is on bail, his case
should not be dragged, adding that the prosecution could have even
finished their case within 3 months.
Subsequently, the case was adjourned to 19th of January for PW7’s testimony.