By Mustapha Jallow
It is 21 days today since the arrest and detention of Yusupha Lowe, PaBai Lowe
Alieu Lowe and Jarriatou Lowe, who are the son, younger brother and
ex-wife respectively of Baboucarr Bai Lowe, Warrant Officer Class 2 of
the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) and one of the alleged 30 December
attackers on state house.According to a close family source, Yusupha, a minor who is 13 years,
Pa Alieu, said to be 19 years of age, and Jariatou, the former wife of
Bai Lowe are still being held without bail, charge or being taken to a
court of law.
The source repeated the concerns of the family regarding the long
detention as well as the education of Bai Lowe’s son and younger
brother who are still going to school as both are now missing their
The three persons were reported to have been picked up in Lamin around
3pm on 1 January 2015 by men in plain clothes who claimed to have got
their orders from the Office of the President. Their detention has
exceeded the 72 hours required by the 1997 Constitution of the Second
Republic of the Gambia for the detention of a person without a court
Family members are therefore calling on the authorities to release
their love ones.