By Rohey Jadama

A serious fire outbreak on Tuesday evening burnt down an entire row ofFIRE CONSUMES 12 ROOMS

12 rooms in a compound owned by the Ceesay family of Kolongba Road

behind Sunu Kerr in Dippakunda.

The fire, which was said to have started around 6pm, destroyed

everything in the affected houses into charred remains such as

clothing, furniture, food, utensils, school books, cash, etc.

Speaking to Buba Ceesay, an eye witness and a resident of the

compound, he said he does not know what actually caused the fire but that

it started from the ceiling of one of the houses and then spread

to the rest within the pace of thirty minutes.

He said when the Fire and Rescue Service came to help in extinguishing

the fire, one of the first things they did was to contact NAWEC to

switch off the electricity supply to the area.

“Fortunately, no one got hurt but there is so much destruction of

property and personal effects as we were unable to remove anything

because of the intensity of the fire,” disclosed Mr. Ceesay.

He noted that the neighbours helped them to extinguish the fire but

could not to stop it until when the Fire and Rescue Service came.

Spread out in the middle of the compound was the charred remains of

television sets, refrigerators, beds, wooden doors, etc.

At the time this reporter visited the compound, the place was filled

with many people, including relatives, neighbours and friends who came

to express sympathy with the traumatized family while others were

helping to clear the burnt materials and rubbish from the rooms.

The Ceesay household, which is an extended family setting, is in dire

need of emergency assistance of any kind as everything in their houses

got burnt.

Disaster relief or philanthropic organizations and Good Samaritans who

want to assist can contact the family on the following numbers: