Abdoulie G.Dibba
During a tour of the farming community from the 23rd to the 30th ofseccos
January, farmers from the seccos  or buying points connected to the
Kaur Depot Circle, Kuntuar Depot Circle and Kudang Depot Circle
lamented the lack of cash at their seccos to pay for their groundnuts.The farmers pointed out that without leaving them to sell to clients
who offer the highest price in the groundnut industry, the interest of
the farmers will not be safeguarded.
They said as at now if they take their groundnuts to the “seccos,” they
have to take responsibility of screening the nuts, carrying them to
the scale, weighing them and then emptying the bags at their stores.
In the past, they said, these services were done by labourers paid by
the “seccos.”
When this reporter visited the said “seccos” in his itinerary to find
out what the “secco” presidents had to say in reply to the complaints of
the farmers on credit buying    they were mainly mute. Some said they were instructed to keep away from the media.
This reporter had to utilise other means to gather information to
establish that there is a problem with cash flow.  Farmers are told point
blank that the “seccos” are not allowed to engage in credit buying but
if they wish they could weigh and deposit their nuts and wait for cash
to be paid. Vehicles spend days at the “secoos”
before they transit. This is making drivers reluctant to load
This reporter will visit GGC to discuss his findings with the Management
to get its opinion on the trade season.