By Sulayman Bah
The Gambia Football Federation has spoken tough of what it calls clubs’Gambia Football Federation
habit of organising international test matches without approval,
Foroyaa Sport can report.
In a communiqué issued to media outlets the federation though failedto cite a particular example of such an occurrence but urged clubs and
individuals to desist from the act.
Below read the full text of the communique,
The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) hereby informs the general public
that entities and individuals who are in the habit of organizing
either international or exhibition matches must seek formal approval
from the Gambia Football Federation before such events would take
This is necessitated by the GFF’s observation that individuals and
Clubs are in the habit of inviting foreign clubs or their associates
to the country for international or exhibition matches without the
authority and approval of the GFF. Note that only the Gambia Football
Federation (GFF) reserves the right as the body responsible for all
Football matters in the country to approve or otherwise the friendly
international matches of foreign teams or exhibition events in the
The National or Regional Football Referees are also strictly advised
not to take part in such matches or events unless sanctioned by the
While anticipating that such acts would cease with immediate effect,
the GFF takes this opportunity to thank all stakeholders for the
collaboration and further solicits their support in the drive for
Football development.’