Promoter repents over controversial dress-code incident

By Sulayman Bah
A Gambian promoter has offered his apology after incurring the wrathHoyantan 1
of fans and wrestlers at a grand wrestling face-to-face.
Organised at the Gambia Radio Television Services, wrestlers Hoyentan
and Gambien were due to make a televised verbal face-to-face ahead of
their much talked about big combat on February 28th.However, drama eclipsed the occasion when the event promoter, Lamin
Cham, purportedly ordered the security personnel at the main gate at
television house to only let in those who are dressed in suits or
The controversial directive left some fans, including the wrestler
Hoyentan, stranded at the entrance. Umbraged, Hoyentan and a good
number of fans later left after having been unable to attend the
The incident triggered a major brouhaha in the wrestling arena.
And speaking for the first time since the dress-code saga, Lamin Cham
has decided to offer his apologies.
“If I was aware of it, he (Hoyentan) would have been allowed in. The
reason was to market the event. All wrestlers dressed in their
traditional attires or suit would have given a better image and to
sell the occasion. But there will never be a repeat of such a thing,”
Champion Sound said in a recent interview.
Hoyentan and Gambien were first tipped to square last season but the
fight could not hold after the latter chose to return to Senegal
The two met in last month’s wrestling event featuring Action-Yaya
Jammeh as the grand combat. And, as expected, things inevitably got
spiced up when Hoyantan barged onto his dancing opponent and
provocatively lifted him up.
Gambien, apparently taken off guard, dismissed the incident as
insignificant as fans from the stance cheered deliriously.
Hoyantan has been inactive since his shocked victory over then Gambian
champion-hopeful Tass-sa-yaram. He was initially tipped to face Action
of club Kololi-Mbolloh
Prominent Senegalese wrestling show anchorman Lamine Samba is expected
to be amongst guests to honour the Feb 28th night.