Army PRO on Media Coverage of Court Martial

Kebba Jeffang
In a brief interview in his office yesterday, Tuesday, February 24,
2015 at the Defence Headquarters in Banjul concerning the request for mediacoverage on the ongoing court-martial proceedings, the army
spokesperson said he has just returned from a  trip to Mali.
Lt. Malick Sanyang, the PRO of Gambia Armed Forces was first asked to
respond to the letter sent to the defence headquarters from Foroyaa
Newspaper that precisely asked for the media to be allowed access to
cover the proceedings of the court martial which should under normal
circumstances be an open court based on the dictates of both the
Constitution and Armed Forces Act. In response, the PRO said it is
news to him that there was a letter concerning such sent to the
headquarters as he had just returned from Mali few days before
“I have been to Mali and my arrival coincided with the Golden Jubilee
celebration. I have been busy with the independence activities since
then. Besides, we were also working towards the parade and departure
of the 18th contingent of the Gambia Armed Forces who had to leave for
Darfur and finally they were paraded yesterday (Monday). This office
is grappling with lots of issues that need to be done and I wasn’t
aware of your letter here,” he explained.
When he was asked how soon he could do something about it, “Well again
I cannot assure you for the same reason. It has to be considered by
many people before I can assure. Telling you anything here will be my
opinion and the system is not working by my opinion,” said Army PRO
Foroyaa: “Now could you please tell me the charges preferred against
the accused persons and who they are?”
PRO: “Well, I still don’t know that because I told you that I have travelled.”
However, he concluded that as PRO he has been a friend with the media
and assured that he will continue be working with them while
commending their efforts.
Lt. Sanyang GAF PRO