Patrick’s plan goodies for Gambia Boxing

By Sulayman Bah
Gambian UK-based boxer Patrick Mendy has revealed plans to beef up Boxer Patrick Mendy 1
boxing in Gambia by handing out ring items.
The 24-year-old who recently visited the country on a brief sabbatical
has outlined his intentions to see boxing in the country restore its
former glory.Being the only Gambian boxing export, the man dubbed Tiger knows all
about difficulties hampering the rise of the sport, and on social
media on Tuesday, didn’t hesitate to list out items the Gambia Boxing
Association could soon lay hands on as his contribution.
‘All this is going to The Gambia Boxers, (to) help them to get
everything in their gym so that they can do their work easily. I
believe I can see another Champion coming from Gambia that’s why I
need to help them..
10 different boxing punching bags with chains – different shapes and sizes
2 ceiling to floor punch bags with attachments
30 pairs of boxing gloves – different weights 10oz to 18oz
30 skipping ropes
30 head guards
30 groin guards
30 mouth shields
30 pairs of hand wraps
30 T shirts
30 Shorts
30 pair of boxing shoes,’ he said.
Patrick made his professional debut in the ring 2009. He won the 13th
series of the prizefighter and the youngest boxer to pick the title in
British boxing history.
The 24-year-old secured his first professional belt after victory over
Polis boxer Roberts Swierzbinksi November 2014.