Foroyaa received report from a close relative that the Lowe boysBai Lowe
(Yusupha Lowe and Pa Alieu Lowe) were on their way home on 5 February.
Before the news could be posted on Foroyaa online we received
information that the children had not arrived at their usualresidence. This is why the news was suppressed in order to do thorough
investigation on the whereabouts of the children.
It is reliably learnt that the release did not actually take place.
This paper will now continue to monitor their detention without trial.
Yusupha Lowe is a 13 year old school going child and Pa Alieu Lowe is
a 19 year old student. They have now been detained for 56 days.
Yusupha and Pa Alieu are the son and younger brother, respectively, of
Baboucar ‘Bai’ Lowe, a former Warrant Officer Class 1 of the Gambia
Armed Forces (GAF), who is alleged to be involved in the 30 December
attack on state house and said to have fled the country.

The duo was reported to have been picked up around 3pm from their
family home in Lamin on the 1 January 2015 by agents who claimed to
have been acting on orders from the Office of the President and.

Held incommunicado, the family could not have access to the two in
order to take food and clothing for them at the National Intelligence
Agency (NIA) headquarters in Banjul, where they are said to be

Since both of them are still going to school, the family is very much
worried about their education as they are missing classes all
throughout the period of detention.
Earlier, Jariatou Lowe, the ex-wife of Bai Lowe, who was also arrested
together with the two boys, was released on Thursday, 5 February 2015,
around 8pm, after having spent 36 days in detention.