By Sulayman Bah
Chaos was what disrupted the Saturday’s event after fans crossed theGambien ( left ) and Hoyentan (right)
security lines to besiege the arena leading to the cancelation of
Hoyentan-Gambien thrilling combat.The grand combat was supposed to be held after the end of the
ceremonial mini-bouts when spectators, disturbed by the low lights,
penetrated security lines en mass to get a closer view of the two
wrestlers who were about to square off.
The situation, which was chaotic, led to the delay of the fight as
organisers attempted without success to negotiate the frenzied crowd
-standing fifteen meters from the sacks – behind the lines. Prior to
this, the rented flood lights went off umpteen times in most cases
during other combats.
Consequently, what could have been a thrilling grand face-off, was
prematurely called off thus leaving some supporters disappointed.
Stakeholders who spoke to Foroyaa Sport heaped the blame on the
organisers –who were not immediately available for comment – for poor
However, others said it is the fans that are to blame as they should
have maintained a reasonable distance to allow the contest to go
Resurrecting a career is uncommon, but at a strange place and against
an undefeated opponent, it might be uncertain to plunge in unknown
waters and it was certainly Gambien’s determination not be deterred.
Saturday’s occasion would have seen former Mohamed Ndao Tyson club Bul
Faaleh’s disciple Gambien take to the arena for the first time after
many years, in a bid to re-launch a career plunged into oblivion by a
catalogue of defeats.
The future of this contest is now uncertain unless current promoter
Lamin Cham decides to re-stage the duel.
Meanwhile, Serrekunda Mbolloh’s Jinneh Morry –once considered Gambia’s
face of wrestling –has been declared winner after his arena opponent
Flex left for hospital reportedly on treatment.
Flex could not wrestle after he apparently sustained an eye injury. He
was seen being attended to by arena medics. It is still unclear as to
how he got injured as different stories are being speculated.
However, the medics insisted that he was still fit enough to fight and
thus declared Jinneh Morry the winner on refereeing decision after
Flex failed to show up.
Follow details of this storyline in our subsequent edition.