GLOW Organises Conference on Girl Child Issues

By Rohey Jadama
A one day conference on the Girl Child was on Saturday 28th February, at Nusrat School hall, organised by the Gambian Chapter of GirlsLeading Our World (GLOW) to create awareness on issues affecting the
Girl child.
Speaking at the occasion as the Guest Speaker, Mr. Halifa Sallah, a
renowned Sociologist and Political figure, said knowledge and
association is the driving force of development and that politically
we all have a duty to serve.
Mr. Sallah emphasised that knowledge help people to be the architects
of their own destiny and that there cannot be any development without
“GLOW can help women and girls to lead by making them understand that
sovereignty resides in them. The unexamined life is not worth living.
You are considered mature if you think critically,” said Mr. Sallah.
The renowned Sociologists and political figure further stressed that
girls should not be locked up but that their minds should be unlocked.
Mr. Sallah told the participants that giving advice to someone should
neither be viewed as dictation nor indoctrination but rather as food
for thought. He said advice helps the person to have information and
that such information must be processed into knowledge, adding that
the person must have the maturity to be able to process that
information which will guide one in her/his lives.
Education, emphasised Mr. Sallah, must be understood and put into its
proper context which should be relevant to time and circumstances. He
noted that the type of education system we need is an education which
seeks to address the demand for independence and self-determination.
“In order to do this, we need to build our own agriculture, industry
and service to address the needs and aspirations of our people” he
For his part, Mr. Assan Cham, who was talking on the impact of social
media on girls, said this is now a trend which people use to get
things they need, particularly research work.
Mr. Cham also cited the disadvantages or negative impact of social
media on its users particularly the girl-child. He also noted the poor
academic performance registered every year by students in such
subjects as English language and Mathematic, adding that this is an
issue that needs to be addressed.
Other speakers included Ms. Banna Jarjue and Chilel Njie.
The conference was preceded by a debate competition amongst members of
GLOW from their different ‘Kundas’ and focusing on the motion “Girls
should be locked up”. Trophies were also awarded to the winners of the