WIFE AND HUSBAND STILL MISSING FOR 65 DAYS As family members start it’s searching, what’s next?

By Mustapha Jallow
Mrs. Fatou Sonko and Mr Essa Bojang, the parents of a former junior officer of the Dawda BojangGambia Armed Forces (GAF), Dawda Bojang, are still
missing for 65 days, according to family sources.

Foroyaa was informed that the family paid another visit to Policeheadquarters in Banjul on 25 February 2015 to enquire the whereabouts
of Mr. and Mrs. Bojang but were told that the two are not in their

The source indicated that they went to the police precisely because
the people who came to arrest the two at their home identified
themselves as officers coming from Amdalai Police station.

The family, added the source, is in a traumatizing situation as there
is anxiety regarding the whereabouts of the two who they have not seen
or heard from since their arrest and subsequent detention on New
Year’s Day.
Fatou and Mr. Essa Bojang are husband and wife who are the mother and
father, respectively, of Dawda Bojang, who is alleged to be involved
in the 30th December, 2014, armed attack on state house. They were
said to have been picked up at Mbankam village in Nuimi around 5pm by
men in plain clothes. Immediately after their arrest, the family
source revealed that they visited both the Amdalai and Barra police
stations in search of them but were told that they were not there.
The family is calling on the state to intervene to trace the
whereabouts of these missing husband and wife and secure their