By Saikou Suwareh Jabai
Tragedy struck in the early hours of Wednesday morning at the Wellingara market when an unidentifiedman who was sleeping in the salon of one Muhammed, a Ghanaian
national, died during a fire outbreak. The owner of the shop who is detained at the Wellingara Police Station is helping the Police in their investigations.
One Matarr Boye, a tailor whose shop is beside the affected shop, said
the person’s name or identity is still not known to them but added that he is a relative of Muhammed. Boye said the police came to the scene with Muhammed to take
some details during which they spoke to some owners.
This reporter went to the Wellinigara Police Station to enquire about
the case and the officials said the case is with them but referred him
to their Public Relations Officer, David Kujabi. Efforts were made but
the PRO could not be reached at the time of writing this piece.