Faji Kunda Dumos Residents lament the lack of basic amenities

By Sailu Bah

The residents of Faji Kunda Dumos are making their voices heard on the
difficulties they are having regarding access to water, consistent
electricity and good roads in their community.Faji Kunda Dumos is a densely populated outlying urban settlement in
the Kanifing Municipality which is situated between Latrikunda Sabiji
off the main market junction and the swamps of the River Gambia.
Over the weekend, some of the residents in the area shared their
problems with this reporter.
Madam  Gassama, a middle aged housewife and resident of the area,
want NAWEC to know about  the poor electricity service in the
area which, she said, goes out at 6am and comes at 7pm every day for
almost one year now. “According to her even when it comes in the
evening, it goes off and on many times before dawn,” she added.
On access to portable water, she revealed the problem of inadequate taps
in the area compelling them to trek long distances in order to get clean
water for drinking and cooking, adding they are sometimes denied
access to these taps by the owners.
“We have a well in our compound but the water can only be used for
washing clothes and taking bath as it is salty,” said Madam Gassama.
She revealed that there is no designated area for garbage dumping and
that the Municipal Council does not collect the waste generated by the
households. She also cited the roads that are not motorable as the tarred road
stops 700 metres from “Kaw” junction on the main Serekunda-Brikama
Another resident, Fatou lamented the lack of access to a market
and health facility in their immediate locality, adding that the women
have to walk for long distances before reaching the main Latrikunda
Market and Faji Kunda Health Centre
She cited the lack of proper sanitation, describing the place as
“unsanitary , inaccessible by transport and  inhabitable during the rains.”
She added, “life in Dumos is sometimes unbearable because of the lack
of access to basic amenities that make life of the inhabitants of a
community easy.”
She added that  there is no nursery or primary school in the area
and that they have to take their children all the way to schools in
Latrikunda Sabiji and Abuko.
“The place which is prone to flood is the worst during the rainy season
when the compounds inundate with water leading to collapse of mud
brick houses,” said Kebba , a compound owner residing in the
Kebba called on the authorities including the local council to
help them with a proper drainage system that would channel the rain
water to the nearby swamps.
This reporter would quiz the necessary authorities on the subject.