Organisation to promote humanity holds congress

By Sailu Bah
The Humanity Framework Foundation (HFF) held its first ever congressA cross-section of the participants
on Saturday 7 March 2015 at Bilingual School Premises in Bundung.
This event was graced by high school and University students, members of various youth organisations and community representatives.At the congress, the President and the founder, Mr Sheriff Janha, said
the poor has less privilege to better health care facilities and
livelihood, and are more vulnerable to injustice and abuse of human
Mr Sherif Janha said the organisation was established on January 5,
2015, and administered by a thirteen man committee.
Mr. Janha who is also a UTG 3rd year student said he was outraged by
the problems of the world, ranging from wars in Syria, Iraq and other
countries, the Ebola outbreak in some countries and the hunger and
poverty crisis, especially in underdeveloped countries.
He further said that he was motivated to form this organization so as
to serve the purpose of creating a better world for all to live in
peace, freedom and happiness.
He also recognised other colleagues who helped in the establishment of
the Foundation, adding that people should take up the responsibility
of supporting the poor, the needy, and the sick in our society, as
well as creating an enabling environment for them.
“People are deprived of their freedom to live. We should come together
as one with a common goal,” he explained.
He said though his organization is 2 months old, they will try by all
means in rendering humanitarian services to the entire populace of the
In conclusion, he urged each and everyone to come and join the
foundation to be able to realise their dreams.
Abdoulie Ibrahim Nyass, Vice President HFF, said they have setup
strategic goals in order to progressively take the
organisation to the next level.
He highlighted some of their challenges, pointing out lack of funding
as the main challenge.
He also said their organisation aims to promote peace, love and
provide solutions to conflicts, as well as create an enabling
He further indicated that they have worked out a proper strategic plan
which they will pursue to achieve their targeted goals.
Secretary General Alieu Gako mentioned that the programmes they have
conducted include a major forum where resource persons were called to
inspire and advise young people, which he said was very successful.
He said in fulfillment of their commitment to realise their dreams of
emancipating human suffering, they have unanimously dedicated
themselves to pursuing measures to become a well-established and
recognised foundation in accordance with the law.