It is common to see young people listening to inspirational
preachers from cassettes made in Europe. However, the same young
people would listen to Reggae.When a young person is in the process of development, exposure becomes
very important. Limited exposure makes the person myopic in view and
easy to be carried along.

Take the 26 year old Londoner known as Mohammed Emwazi who is featured
in mask as he threatens to kill hostages in the name of ISIS.

It is very difficult to understand how a young person could take a
knife and behead another human being like himself whose only crime is
to be a citizen of a particular country.

The fact that Emwazi could not face the public confirms that he was
not secure in what he has been doing.

A person who is proud of an action would take ownership in the public space.
The world should come to the realisation that there are many young
people like Mohammed Emwazi who are in search of the meaning of life.
Who gets to them first matters?

Unless societies become open and tolerant of diversity the isolated
and excluded would always try to find a place or cause to belong to.

If one pursues the wrong cause one becomes trapped by one’s action and
thus become a threat to humanity. The youth needs attention.

They should be taught what philosophers have taught humanity in ages
past that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

This enables the youth to reflect on implications before action.
Mohammed is now reflecting after his cover is blown how he could fit
in any society again. He has lived by the knife and will now die by
the knife if he wants to desert. No young person who wants to be happy
on earth should take such a disastrous and unworthy path.