International Vendors at GCCI Trade Fair appeal for more publicity

By Sailu Bah
International vendors coming from other African countries to take partGhanaian at his stall
in the ongoing trade fair organised by the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) have appeal for more publicity to enable the public to visit their stalls and patronize them.They made this appeal on Saturday, 14 March, when this reporter
visited their stalls at the Independence Stadium. The vendors urged the
organisers to help them in this so that customers will come and buy
their products which will encourage them and others to continue taking
part in the trade fair.
Speaking to Rafael Kolani, a Batik designer from Togo, he said they
are yet to see people coming to buy the products they have for sale.
“What we are now seeing is few people who are coming to only view our
products and promising to come back. We only hope that they will
return to buy,” said Mr. Kolani.
He said they have already spent so much money to travel from their
countries with the products and paying organizers to participate in
the trade fair.
Mr. Kolani said he paid CFA 180,000 (300 US dollars) for the stall.
“I am calling on Gambians to come and see the quality and beautiful
‘Made in Togo’ batiks such as table cloths, napkins, etc
that I have for sale at affordable prices,” appealed the Togolese
Mr. Gabienu S. Edward from Ghana, who is coming for the second time,
is a dress designer and also sells artifacts and other handicrafts.
He said so far what he can say is that last year’s trade fair is
relatively better than this year. He, however, expressed hope that the
trend might change towards the end when they will be seeing more
He said he has so far spent 450 US dollars and has not started making
any sales. He also appealed to the organisers to help them with more
promotion for people to come and buy.
Abusi Guus Papetra said he is from Benin and that this is his first
time in the Gambia. He sells medicinal herbs. He also lamented the
lack of sales but is equally hopeful that it might change for the
better before the end the trade fair.
He said business is not working since they started. He said he is
selling pure medical herbs from Benin that can help people a lot in
their health.
Another herbalist from Burkina-Faso and a first timer, Zeni Trawally
Zakariya also reiterated similar concerns and appealed for more
Foroyaa will still make a follow up and give readers update on the trade fair.