“Flood in Banjul will soon be history” Says Mayor Bah

By Sailu Bah
The Mayor of Banjul said flood in the capital city will soon be historyBund polder station
as new pumping machines have been installed at the Bund Polder Station at Bund Road.
Mayor Abdoulie Bah said this during an interview he granted this
reporter on Friday, 13 March, 2015 in his office at the Banjul City Council (BCC).Mayor Bah said the new pumping machines are provided by the ministry
of works and construction and that the contract work was done by Gai
He said the new machine has the capacity to pump millions of litres of
water from the ring canals or main drainages in Banjul into the sea to
avoid flooding.
“The station locally known as “Pa Machine” has been revitalized after
having been broken down for some few years and this was why Banjul
used to have floods during the rains,” said Mayor Bah.
He added that another good thing that this new machine will do is to
reduce the mosquitoes in Banjul as the water in the drains would be
flowing and deny them a breeding place.
Mayor Bah also commented on the poor condition of the roads in the city.
He said they have started the construction of some streets as well as
gutters in Banjul. He cited Mantel, Ingram, Thomas, Lasso Wharf and
Imam Omar Sowe as some of the streets undergoing rehabilitation. He
added that the work on Box Bar Road has been completed.
On Primet Street, which is the main route used by most of the
commercial vehicles transporting passengers to and from the Kombos,
the Banjul mayor acknowledged that it is in a poor state and needs
construction. He said they are working on plans to fix this main
access route.
The mayor also talked about a new project that will install solar
powered street lights mostly in Tobacco Road and Ndangaan, which is
a settlement near the dumpsite at the swamps in the outskirts of the
He also announced that the project will commence this year between May and June.
The mayor concluded by commending the government through the president
for supporting the Council in these road rehabilitation works by
providing gravel, stones and sand.