GCCI brief the Media on Extending the Trade Fair

By Sailu Bah
Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry GCCI yesterday told the pressGCCI brief the Media
that due to popular demand the Trade Fair Gambia International which was to be closed yesterday is now extended till next week Sunday 29 January 2015. This was revealed at a press briefing by GCCI at thetrade Fair Grounds at the Independence Stadium, Bakau.
Beatrice Prom of GCCI, said “members of the press we call you here
today to say we were going to close the fair but by popular demand,
including participants from Senegal we have decided to extend the fair
for another week, so we will close next week Sunday.”
Speaking at the briefing, Mr Sulayman Joof, GCCI Board of Directors,
welcomed the Senegalese High Commissioner and his delegation and also
participants from Senegal, urging them to feel at home because Gambia
is a second home to the Senegalese. He said Gambia and Senegal are
destined to be one people, one nation and one family.
He added “we speak the same language, the same geographical and
socio cultural ties”. He said the aim and objective of the trade fair
is to showcase the products and any talent within the business
community in the country. He said “without showcasing what we have and
exposing our business people, we as a nation cannot know the potential
as well as the business activity of our people because some are in
their homes and others in their villages.”
Salieu Njie Senegalese high commissioner said everything that the
Gambian and Senegalese can produce ranging from food stuffs and other
items can be found in the trade fair. He thanked GCCI for organizing
the Marche Jula, saying Senegal and Gambia are the same despite the
difference in official languages. He said the Trade fair is a means to
bring on board everybody who is in the act of providing a service or
producing food to showcase them. He thanked Senegalese for
participating, saying this will foster the existing relationship
between the two countries.
Daouda Badjie who spoke on behalf of the Senegalese Delegation to the trade fair said
among the delegation they have Malians, Burkinabes, Beninois,
Nigeriens. He noted that although one would like to sell at the trade
fair the most important thing is to have contacts and he believes that
everyone in the trade fair has made important contacts. He prayed for
the trade fair to grow from strength to strength.
Momodou Drammeh, GIEPA also prayed for the existing relationship
between the two countries to grow from strength to strength.
An international Exhibitor, Tom Praks from Ghana said he cannot
take advantage of the extension of the Trade fair to the
29th March 2015. He said they have already bought tickets which
they cannot change. “We came as a group and the ticket is a group
ticket, we cannot change it so we have to leave,” he noted.
Momodou Drammeh of Jal Ba construction Company revealed that the
extension will help a lot to promote their businesses. He said this is
his company’s third time of participating and this is one of the most
successful trade fair.
Ndey Ngoneh Jeng, Fung for Life and Ebola Free Gambia, said they
advocate for blood donation. Ndey said they collect the donated blood and take
it to the hospital where it will be screened. She expressed
satisfaction with the response, noting that people are coming each and
every day to donate blood. She pointed out people need not fear
donating blood and appealed to the general public to come and donate
blood to save lives.