Foroyaa has spoken to the police PRO to find out whether they have
discovered the person who shot Ya Binta Jarju and his response was in
the negative.According to a press release issued by the police soon after Binta
Jurju was shot dead, a Joint Security Task Force was mounting a
routine night vehicle check point at Manjai Kunda and a taxi with
Registration number BJL 7039G came by and upon reaching the Check
Point, the driver sped on refusing to stop. A warning shot was fired
but the driver kept on driving at top speed.
“This being a sure suspicious behaviour, the security officers boarded
their patrol vehicle and pursued the fleeing driver. A second warning
shot was again fired but the driver again failed to heed and instead
led the officers on a wild chase,” the press release stated.
The release further explained that the officers eventually overtook
the taxi and braked in front of it to force it to stop but the
driver swerved and took a quick turn and drove through a narrow road
nearby. The release stated that the officers then shot at the car in
order to force it to stop but the bullet hit a lady who was sitting at
the back seat of the taxi leading to her death.
The release described the incident as unfortunate and tragic “which is
It was then asserted: “However it must be noted that the security
forces of the Gambia would not be complacent in ensuring the security
of this nation and its people and this is happening not long after the
December 30th 2014 attack.”
The release described the attack on the state house as a terror attack
and added that this meant that all necessary means are being employed
to stem a recurrence of that incident.
It finally gave a stern warning to the general public to respect the
established Check Points and cooperate with the Security forces as
they are meant to ensure their own security.
It is clear from the above Press Release that shooting did take place.
It is also confirmed that Ya Binta’s corpse was taken to the hospital.
A coroner’s inquest should confirm the cause of death from the post