UTG students boycott lectures till 6 April if….

By Sailu Bah
Students of the University of the Gambia Yesterday 26th March 2015UTG Students
decided to boycott their lectures until 6th April when they will be
meeting the Governing Body. When this reporter visited the Law School and MDI he found that the students were not attending lectures.The decision was taken by the UTG students after a meeting held by the
UTG governing Body Yesterday 26th March 2015 at the Management
Development Institute (MDI).
The UTG governing Body has made a decision after a meeting that they
will establish a subcommittee to look into all the issues raised by
students and will get back to the UTG student body on the 6th April
2015. The Sub Committee is said to comprise 2 representatives from all
the faculties of the UTG, ranging from the Law, Health and Business
amongst others.
This decision prompted students to come up with a decision of
boycotting their lectures until the Governing body is ready to meet
their demands.
A notice appeared at the gate and the walls of the Law Faculty and MDI stating:

Attention, Attention, Attention, UTG students agreed to boycott all
lectures from today 26th march to 6th April 2015. No lectures until
the demand of the students are met.”
A letter addressed to the authorities by Omar Sambou, The UTG
President ,
  indicated that “the general student body wish to convey
that no student will attend any lecture from today until after the
proposed meeting on the 6th April 2015.”
It added that “this is a unanimous decision from the general student’s
body” in reaction to the decision taken by the Governing Council.
Mr Sambou took the liberty to “kindly urge the administration to
revisit the decision on the meetings date.”
It would be recalled  the UTG students on Wednesday 25 March 2015,
protested against the new grading system which is saying students will
only have A when they score 90, while the old grade was saying if
students score 80 they can get A. It was also reported that the UTG
has increased tuition fees by 10 percent.
This reporter made efforts to talk to some lecturers on this issue but
they declined.