Universities and Schools of higher learning have a culture of
conducting matriculation programmes in order to prepare students for
life on campus. It is during this period that University administrators transmit the values of institutions and help students to prepare their minds for success.
The University administrators should alert their minds to the
complaints of the students and give concrete response to each of them.
The students are concerned about grading systems and rise in fees. A
diplomatic way out has already been paved by the student by indicating
that new rules should not have retroactive application. The
spontaneous action of the students which was contained by the Minister
of Higher Education has already sent the signals of desperation and
urgency. The dialogue which followed is an opportunity which should
have been exploited to address the concerns of the students without
delay. It is surprising that the decision makers are not aware that
they are dealing with an emergency. The constitution has already
addressed the principle which should guide the charging of fees. This
should inform the decisions of the authorities.
The recommendation that the grading system should not have retroactive
application is also instructive in handling this contradiction between
administration and students. Postponing decisions would only add more
tension to a situation which could become explosive if wrongly