“We have nothing against the Ex-Vice Chancellor but the Policy” Say UTG students

By Sailu Bah
The students of the University of The Gambia (UTG) said they have noUTG Students
personal grievances against the former Vice Chancellor Prof. Muhammad Kah.

They were however quick to note that they  opposed the new policy that the administration is implementing.They made this disclosure to this reporter on Friday 27 March at the
Law Faculty where students from all the different faculties converged
to conduct a “sit in and wait protest” pending the decision of the administration on
their demands.
The Senate of the UTG was meeting in the morning of the same day at
the Law Faculty.
A press released from the office of the president issued on the state
television on Thursday, 26 March, revealed that the Vice Chancellor’s
five year tenure has been completed and that he is now appointed as
the Adviser to the higher education ministry as well as the Chairman of
the UTG Governing Council. The same release announced that Dr. Omar
Jah Jnr., who was the Deputy Vice Chancellor, is now the acting Vice
Speaking to some of the students on the issue of the new changes of
management, a Business Studies student in his 3rd year said the change
has no effect on them if the policy is not changed.
“We are more interested in the authorities meeting the demands of the
students to change the new policy that the administration is
implementing regarding the new grading system as well as the 10
percent increment of the tuition fees,” he said.
He said they have nothing against the ex-Vice Chancellor but
that they are opposed to the new policy and how it is being implemented with retroactive
application and which, he added, is affecting them.
Asked whether they will consider attending lectures, he responded in
the negative, adding that the only thing that can change their minds
is if their demands are met.
A first year student said they are also not happy with
the current situation as a lot of their time is being wasted because
of the new policy.
“I am urging the Governing Council to look into this matter and help
us go back to our lectures,” she pleaded.
Another student, who is studying Development Studies, also urged the
Administration to reconsider and change its decision.
The Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
(MoHERST), Dr. Abubacar Senghore, was also seen coming out of the
campus but efforts to talk to him were not successful.
This reporter also made efforts to meet with the management but
without success. However, some of the lecturers who were approached to
get their views on the issues declined to speak.
According to some of the students who spoke to this reporter, they are
still awaiting the decision of the final meeting of the Governing
Council which is said to be scheduled on 6th April 2015 in order for
them to know their fate.
Foroyaa will however monitor developments and give updates as and when
they arise.