Readers would recall that Foroyaa had made every effort to get the cooperation of the Modou Njieauthorities to cover the proceedings of a court martial. Unconfirmed report had been given to Foroyaa that Private Modou Njie, Captain Jobe, Sub Lieutenant Sowe, Captain Bojang, Lietenant Colonel Jarju and Lieutenant Sanneh were on trial at the Court Martial. But we preferred to have a reporter present to cover the case. Unfortunately we could not get the cooperation of the authorities. Now we have received information again that on Monday 30 March 2015 at the place of trial at Fajara judgment was delivered and the following sentences have been imposed:

Private Modou Njie         – death sentence

Captain Jobe                  – life imprisonment

Sub Lieutenant Sowe      – life imprisonment

Captain Bojang                – life imprisonment

Lieutenant Colonel Jarju – life imprisonment

Lieutenant Sanneh         – death sentence

We will still contact the authorities for confirmation. Where there is no transparence it is difficult for the press to give correct information to the public. However we will keep on trying to publish the truth in good faith in the public interest.