The lessons
University students are at the peak of their academic career. Any
disruption of their studies constitutes a loss to society. No rational
administration would participate in the destruction of the human
resources it has helped to nurture.

Hence progressive educational administrators take students’ concerns
as challenges which require remedies. They consequently take the
problem solving approach in dealing with the problems of students.
Hence they engage student leaders in mature dialogue and utilise them
as emissaries in bargaining for a common ground to solve problems.  In
most cases the problem solving approach would lead to mutual respect
and better understanding between administrators and students.
On the other hand, the self righteous approach   lead administrators
to conceive student leaders as trouble makers or ring leaders who need
to be expelled and prosecuted for incitement. This often adds fuel on
fire as students come to the defence of such leaders. This could lead
to closure of Universities and loss of credit hours.
It is an achievement of both students and administration that the
problem is solved without any expulsion of students.