With Saikou Suwareh Jabai

You are welcome to yet another edition of your weekly Students’ Voice. We feature stories, articles and poems, etc, from students and teachers alike. We encourage other students to contribute and get their writing skills developed. The column is open to all and sundry in the education milieu in The Gambia. Sit back, relax and enjoy these fascinating pieces.


“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it,” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When answer is needed
A question is to be asked

When a question came out
An answer has to be sought

Having a question right
Having an answer right
Is our birth right

Questions are meant for answers
Answers are meant for questions

Seeking answers for questions
Is a travel
We will have to do that
With proper will

Let us not be afraid of questions
Let us not be reluctant to answers

Let us have questions
Let us have answers

Questions are paths
Answers are places

Let us find the paths
Let us go places

By Rochishmon

When you feel all seem to end
When you try to crush all the pain in your life
You struggle
To make ends meet
Your destiny you hate
That feeling when all the world’s trouble seem to reside in your mind
When will all of this cease?
The question you never seem to spot its answer
When the sun hits the soil
There you are as always perspiring under its beam
This is life to struggle to live
That feeling
When you think all you have is rusty
And you had to end up in a mess
Just to be satisfied
Blind with eyes opened wide
Yes you did step on toes
And create series of foes
Life is a book
To be thought by knowledgeable elders
To the young ones
Growing up with the notion
“All I wish I must have”

Be careful of using the filthy track
Be the one with the great heart
The great mind
And a great life
Till the day we all look forward comes
That feeling
Should not pressure you to do wrong
While your brain is strong
To tie the strings of society together
That feeling
Had killed
Had separated society
Had poisoned minds
That feeling
The venom that kills society’s growth
Yes believe and bear
All shall be clear
And you shall be among the rare.

By Mainuna Joof,

Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute

I would break all the glasses
So to see
What is more to life
The core of the truth is deviation

If I were you
I would stop asking
Know that the answer is me
That I am the problem
That I am the solution

If I were you
I would know that I am the master
Master of my time
That I am what I make
There is no present, past and future
But only my being

If I were you
I would stop living this life
Of fearing death
I will make tomorrow today
I will see no more success or failure
So I will live without fear to fail
But mind only my sincerity

By Abdourahman Jallow



She cries in pain and agony
Shackles of mare tragedy
Abuse by man of cruelty
Cut, rape with no sympathy
Stains she carries eternally

In silence she weeps and grief
Holding her pains within
Hoping to find relief
Forsaken just like a weed
Her pride stolen by thieves

Living a life of misery
Left with a bleak history
Slippery, bitterly injury
Hell! she deserve liberty
Show some bit of empathy

No violation, love and protect
No castigation, show her respect
No mutilation, act I reject
She is a treasure jet
More like a golden asset

Delicate flowers
These are future mothers
As fathers and brothers
Shield them with covers
Just like rainbow colours.

By Ouskeh Rahman


I listen to the wind
I hear the voice of my life
The life of my soul
The soul of Africa
The soul of The Gambia
The Gambia of youngsters
There smiles glitters
Like a guiding light
Under the unity colours
Red White Blue Green
I listen to my silences
Painting my imaginations

I heard my answers
From the sole of my feet
Up to the tip of my hair
I combed my anger
So I couldn’t spill lines
Africa suffered enough
The Gambia rose
Rose from the dust
To the castles of real life

From the gun’s boom
I heard my nation scream
From the abyss of dreams
Man acting inhuman
Radiating trust and hope

We are the people
The same black people
Who scratched from start
Sweat like a tired river
Rip our muscles like stone
Hit the ground like giants
We are the same people
The same black people
That were brutalized
Badly marginalized
Awkwardly discriminated
We are the same people
The same black people

History takes long
At times it rebirth
Let your eyes remember
So a U-turn wouldn’t dine
Excavate the past
Educate the future
Relate it to the present
Innovate the miseries
We have had enough

Crown the past with Past
It’s a new beginning
The beginning of the start
Starting of the new life
Africa’s soul is tired
Let discrimination fade
Let our Nations stand
Let the Gambia smile
It’s a new beginning
The beginning of a start
A start for The Gambia
A start for Africa

By Lamin Barrow

Nusrat Senior Secondary School