Area Councils’ staffs on late payment of salaries

By Sailu Bah
Area council’s staff raised concerns over the payment of their
salaries, which they have not received up to date.
Reports have been reaching Foroyaa that staffs of area councils withinthe Greater Banjul Area are yet to be paid for the month of March
2015. These staffs said this is affecting them as this is their source
of income to feed themselves and their families and to also take care
of their other needs.
Sources from the Banjul City Council, Kanifing Municipal Council as
well as Brikama Area Council respectively confirmed that they have not
received their salaries up to now to the detriment of their families.
A staff of KMC said to this reporter: “I still cannot receive my
Salary. I am married with two kids and this is where I earn my
living,” he lamented.
“I used to pay fares everyday to come for work, and I also need to
give my family fish money. How is this possible without having my
salary?” he asked.
He said in the month of February the same thing happened. According to
him they couldn’t get their salaries on time.
He said that the reason for not receiving salaries on time is not
known to them as employees, adding that it might be due to the new
system that is put in place where councils hand over all
revenues collected to the Gambia Revenue Authority.
Another Worker from Brikama Area council revealed that late payment
of salaries is really affecting them as workers.
“In most  cases we have to borrow money from people just to move on
with our daily activities and when the month ends, after receiving
from the little we earn we used to pay our debts, with the late
payment of salaries  I  don’t know how to manage,” asserted the
Brikama Area Council Employee.
An employee from Banjul also revealed that, “This is the first time we
are facing such kind of problems, sitting for more than a week after
the end of month without receiving our salaries,” he explained.
This reporter has tried to reach the Public Relation Officers of the
three councils and the Mayors for comment on this matter without any
success. More efforts will be made to get an official response.