Prices of basic food commodities continue to escalate

By Fatoumatta K. Jallow
Foroyaa has been checking on the current prices of some basic foodBag of onion and potatoes
items in the market which continue to escalate.
This reporter recently visited the Serrekunda and Latrikunda marketsto compare the present retail prices for such basic food commodities
as rice, sugar, onion, potatoes, cooking oil, etc., to that of late
February 2015, more than a month ago.
The price for a 20 litre container of cooking oil remains unchanged at
D975; a bag of onions which was D480 per bag has now, in this short
period, increased to D500 and it is sold D30 per kilo; a bag of potatoes
which was D500 is now D525per and is costing D35 per kilo. As for imported
American rice the price of D1150 per bag still remains the same with a
cup costing D6. The imported “Sadam” variety of rice which has more
starch has also not changed and remains at D1400 per bag and D8 per
A cup of cooking oil is D10, a litre is costing D70. 50.  The 10 litres which
was D575 now increases to D650. A packet of jumbo (seasoning) has
moved from D80 to D85 but the unit price remains at D2; A big tomatoes
tin of hot pepper which was costing D25 is now costing D150; A kilo of black pepper is costing
still D700; A kilo of Garlic is still costing D150.
A set of fish (bonga) still remains at D25 while one costs D5; A kilo
of steak is still costing D250 while meat and bone is D200; the medium size
mayonnaise remains at D130 while the smaller one is costing D70; the big size
tin of tomato paste is costing D175, while the medium and smaller ones
are costing D35 and D10 respectively; a bag of flour which was costing D1475 now costs
D1500 while a kilo is costing D35; a small bag of salt costs, while the medium
and bigger bags cost  D150 while the retail one costing at D20, D15 and D10.