Youth Minister visits site of demolished Banjul Youth Centre

By Sailu Bah
Mr. Alieu K Jammeh, the Minister of Youth and Sports, and a delegationBYC members
from the Banjul Youth Committee (BYC), on Thursday, 9 April 2015, visited the empty space at the site of the former Youth Centre in Banjul which has been demolished.Explaining the purpose of the visit, BYC Chairman Sulayman Bah said it
is for the minister to see how government can intervene to rebuild the
facility which is the only centre in the capital city meant to serve
young people.
He underscored the importance of having such a facility in place as it
will help young people to engage in organising and participating in a
variety of indoor cultural, sporting and educational activities that
would keep them preoccupied.

“The Youth Centre in Banjul was a hub before where young people used
to go and engage in many activities, but since the demolition of the
building some years ago there is no place young people in Banjul can go
to for certain extra curricular activities,” disclosed the BYC Chair.

“It is vital to revitalize the Youth Centre for young people to
benefit from,” said Minister Jammeh.

The youth and sports minister further suggested that the BYC should
meet with the mayor of Banjul to discuss the revitalization of the
Centre, which he said, can be included in the Community, Livelihood and
Infrastructural Project (CLIP).
Mr. Jammeh said his ministry has given funds to other regions to help
them to accomplish some of their youth related projects and now it is
left with Banjul.
The youth and sports minister promised that his ministry will be
providing funds to the youth committee but that the amount is yet to
be determined.
Mr. Martin Campbell, an architect who was also present, said the youth
centre can be built as a facility that could generate funds and create
employment opportunities for young people.

The Youth and Sports Minister, who was on a tour, also visited the new
Youth office provided by the Banjul City Council at Lasso Wharf. He
was accompanied by the deputy permanent secretary of the youth and sports
ministry, Madam Mariama Njie.