Workshop to validate Gambia Public Procurement Regulation underway

By Sailu Bah
Stakeholders drawn from government institutions and others on
Wednesday converged at the Sheraton hotel for a 3 day validation of a
draft of the Gambia Public Procurement Regulation 2015. According to organisers, stakeholders will add their inputs and carve the way
forward for effective recommendation in the best interest of the
Gambian population. This event started on Wednesday 15, April and will
conclude on Friday, 17 April 2015.
Mr Modou K. Ceesay permanent secretary 2 ministry of finance and
economic affairs (MOFEA), said the main objective of the workshop is
to identify the major changes in the GPPA Act as well as the
regulation so that the public procurement system will address the
According to Mr Ceesay, “The amendment was done to incorporate the
separation of policy and regulatory functions of the GPPA, create an
Independent Complaints Review Board and strengthen the sanction and
fines in the Bill. This is done to ensure that the legislative and
administrative changes would make public procurement simpler,
transparent and accountable with checks and balances consistent with
law and best practices; as well as strengthening the public
procurement institutions and that the procurement system is effective
and efficient and delivers values for money.”
He thanked the EU for their continued support in the area of public
procurement in the Gambia and expressed his appreciation for that.
He reminded participants of the importance of public procurement in the Gambia.
Mr. Tumbul K Danso Director of GPPA, said this workshop is called upon
for the fact that the Act has been revised and participants are
required to look at the regulations and bring it in line with the revised
The final document will be printed out and shared to all government
institutions for a guide on their procurement operations.
He expects that at the end of the validation programme they will come
up with a programme that will meet international standards and
international best practices on procurement issues.
He emphasised that GPPA is here to ensure that procurement is done
transparently, as well as value for money. “70 percent of government
budget is going to procurement budget; therefore it is very important
to have the GPPA,” he said.