Tyson brimming with confidence ahead of bout

By Sulayman Bah
Mouhamed Ndao Tyson is brimming with confidence ahead of his May 3rdMouhamed Ndao Tyson
duel with Gris Bordeaux.
Tyson, the kingpin of Club ‘Generation Boul Fale’, is set for a tussle with Gris in a rescheduled must-see fight being promoted by Aziz Ndiaye Promotions.With five days to go for this cracking duel, the shy-looking former
Senegalese King of Arena is not allowing himself to be dominated by
his adversary in the mind games, thus signaling a departure from his
former quite personality.
In a final face-to-face ahead of their much talked about showdown,
Tyson vowed to walked over his arena opponent. The euphoria
surrounding this combat has been more than intense.
Tyson, the man credited for the flourish of the multi-millions worth
traditional art, had defeated Moustapha Geuye, Gris Bordeaux’s idol
and ex-club head, to a sorry figure in 2003, a victory which Gris
wishes to avenge for and which has ignited the long standing rivalry
between Pikine and Fass.
“This fight renews the rivalry between Pikine and Fass and Gris and I
know what is at stake,” Tyson said. He added “I will bundle him.”
Responding to this threat, the new leader of Fass club said let them
wait for the day of the fight.
The May 3rd bout is to determine whether Tyson will make a comeback to
the arena since his defeat to Balla Gaye II in 2011, whilst his
opponent will be eying victory after a spectre of successive defeats.