CSO Forum on Action 2015 planned campaign starts in the Gambia

By Rohey Jadama
The Civil Society Forum on action 2015 planned campaign has
started in The Gambia in an all-inclusive forum with people from
all walks of life on Thursday 23rd April 2015 at TANGO.The campaign would include youth groups, the government,
organizations, NGOs and civil society representatives, said TANGO
officials at a meeting held on Friday at TANGO head office in
Action 2015 is a coalition of thousands of organizations around the
world calling on local and world leaders to take urgent action to halt
man-made climate change to eradicate poverty and address inequality.
The initiative hopes to tackle climate change and environmental issues
as captured in the Millennium Development Goals.
In The Gambia, TANGO and the Children and Community Initiative for
Development (CAID) are coordinating for the campaign, which will be
done in various forms of activities like national forum, drama
competition and poetry by schools, TV documentary and press
conferences, said Ibrahim Ceesay of CAID, adding that around the world
countries will take to the streets in rallies and marches to demand
Speaking at the forum, the permanent secretary, Ministry of Finance
and Economic Affairs, Mod Ceesay, said: “Action 2015 is raising the
voices of people we represent and two crucial United Nations Summits
will take place this year the first in September where the world must
agree on new decisions.”
He said the voices and decisions by the people can be taken into
consideration by the government to be delivered at the UN Summit this
“The great news is that 2015 will mark a historic chance in the lives
of people around the world,” he added.
He assured of his ministry and the Gambia Government’s support
towards the campaign – Action 2015.
He also urged people to participate by coming up with grand new
decisions that can be taken into consideration by the government to be
delivered at the summit this year.
In her keynote address, the President of the Children Advocacy Network
(CAN), Ya Ndey said she and her age mates anticipate a better future.
“2015 is a year in which potentially transformative decisions will be
made and these decisions to a greater way will have a lot of impacts
on their lives,” she said.
She said there will be a set of goals that will in time bend the
course of history.
She also thanked the Gambia government for providing the enabling
environment for them to operate.
“This year provides the beginning of a huge opportunity and I am
calling on you to join me and commit yourselves to Action 2015,” said
the youth advocate.
The programme director of TANGO, Madi Jorbateh, disclosed that Action
2015 will go a long way in measuring the ambition of the leaders in
seeing a better future.
He urged people to take the responsibility of tasking leaders of
government and also demanding from them to set the future right.
“Action 2015 is here to give us the opportunity to voice out what we
want for the future,” said Mr Jobarteh.