By Mustapha Jallow
Information received by Foroyaa indicates that a combined group of
children between the ages of 13 and 15 years based in Faji-kunda/Abuko
were few weeks ago arrested, detained and later released by
officers at Bundung Police Station.A source reveals that the members of the group used to move round
dispersing and assaulting young people holding dances and other events such
as ‘Fural’. He added that they were worried by the actions of the youth.
The Alkalo of Abuko, Boto Tamba, said the youth were
tormenting the neighbourhood a lot and he had to report the matter to
Abuko Police Station. He reveals that some days ago the police came
for them and arrested two of them and took them to the station for
questioning. He added that through questioning, the police effected
further arrests.
He indicated that male and female members of the group were later
arrested and detained for three days; that they were then taken to
Bundung Police Station where they were finally released. According to
information received at least four arrests were carried out by the police.
When asked  what the objective of the group is , Alkalo Tamba said: “What I can understand
is that the youth were trying to engage in violence which has never
happened in the area, they were just tormenting the whole neighbourhood, attacking
people who organize events called ‘fural’, etc. We’ve learned that
their network is not limited to Fagi-kunda and Abuko but extends to
Tabokoto, Tallindingkunjang and Latrikunda. Through the network they
form a so-called combined team.”
Some youth who were involved in the issue declined to discuss the matter. However
two of the boys who were said to be involved in the issue said they were arrested by a
group of Police Intervention Unit (PIU) personnel who handcuffed them
and later detained them at Abuko Police Station before they were
transferred to Bundung Police Station.

The youth explained: “We have joined a combined team but the
‘Out-Laws’ are the most dangerous team who go round and beat
up ladies who hold an event called ‘fural’ and so on.”

They estimate the number of ‘Out-Law’ team members to be up to 152 comprising young boys and girls.

They further said they were released at Bundung Police Station
and were advised not to involve in such acts again.
The spokesperson of the Police, ASP David Kujabi, when contacted on
Monday said he is not aware of the issue but asked to be given an hour to find
out what had happened.  Several attempts were made to get back to the PRO without