By Mustapha Jallow
A minor Yusupha Lowe, who is a 13 year old boy, and Pa Alieu Lowe, hisBai Lowe
uncle, a 19 year old teenager, are still under detention incommunicado at the state National Intelligence Agency (NIA) main detention centre in Banjul for 4 months now without being taken to a court of law, according to a close family source.A relative of the minor said they were not given access to their loved
ones; adding that food, clothes and other basic needs were dined to
them at the NIA headquarters in Banjul.
“We’re still worried about these two boys; they have to go to school
to build their future, we’re leaving in a state of trauma and
sleepless nights since their arrest. I’m therefore calling on the
state authorities to intervene and facilitate their release,” a
concerned relative said.
On 1 January 2015, the trio was arrested around 3pm at their family
residence in Lamin village by men in plain clothes, according to a
family source.
These two boys are the son and younger brother, respectively, of
Baboucar ‘Bai’ Lowe, a former Warrant Officer Class 2 of the Gambia
Armed Forces (GAF), who was based in Germany and is alleged to be
involved in the 30 December 2014 armed attack on State House in
Investigation reveals that Madam Jariatou Lowe, who is a former wife
of Bai Lowe, was also arrested on the same day these two boys were whisked away, but
was later released after having been held incommunicado for 36 days.
The two boys were at one point reported to be released but which was
later denied by the family.
Family members have expressed concern over the education of both
Yusupha and Pa Alieu, who are students that are still going to school,
noting that their education is being jeopardized by their continued
detention without access to their family.