The Rapporteurs on Freedom of Expression is a watchdog of the
continent. He or she has the responsibility to monitor all
constitutional instruments, laws, institutions and institutionalpractices which enhance or impede freedom of expression in each
African Country.
In this way, he or she would be able to differentiate the best
practice from the worst ones with the view to promote the standards of
best practice and call for the redressing of bad practice.
Hence, the best achievement the Rapporteurs could make is to launch an
all Africa Freedom of Expression Report indicating all relevant
indices which could be utilised to access the state of freedom of
expression in each country. This would help to    promote advocacy
It is important for people occupying such posts to be knowledgeable on
what freedom of expression entails. Freedom starts with the
empowerment of each citizen to be the depository of the sovereignty of
each country. This makes each person to be a decision maker who is
entitled to represent or be represented. Any citizen without political
education, regardless of one’s profession, cannot be the architect of
one’s destiny.  Hence, one must understand where one’s profession ends
and where one’s citizenship starts. Those who tell journalists to keep
themselves away from politics cannot be educated in the school of
democracy. The sovereign person is a political being who is required
to make informed choice in electing representatives or being elected
to serve a country, irrespective of whether one is a lawyer,
educationists, journalists or member of any other profession. Just as
a doctor must perform his or her duty without being influenced by
one’s own political leanings, a journalist should also report the
truth in good faith in the public interest. The Newsroom should breed
new representatives who could serve as honest parliamentarians who
could amplify the voices of the most disadvantages and defend their