Bai Jobe Njie Clocks 130 Days in Disappearance without Trace

By Kebba Jeffang
Today, Thursday, 10th May, 2015 marks 130 days since the disappearanceModou Njie
without trace of Mr. Bai Jobe Njie, the father of Private Modou Njie, who was sentenced to death by a Court Martial on 30th March, 2015.A family source said they still have no clue as to where their loved
one is after he was picked up at his home in the wee hours of 2nd
January, 2015. He said since then they have neither set their eyes on him
nor aware of his whereabouts.
He said the arrest and subsequent disappearance of their loved one,
who was also the bread winner and pillar of the family, is affecting
them psychologically and economically. He added that they have been
searching for him all throughout this period but to no avail.
“We are really desperate about the situation because we do not know
where and under what condition he is in. It is a course for concern
and I wish the authorities put our plight into consideration. It has
taken too long now, to be candid,” said the distraught looking

Bai Jobe Njie was reported arrested by two men who whisked him away in a
numberless vehicle to an unknown destination. He is a driver at the
Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC). His son, Modou Njie, a former
private soldier of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), who later traveled
to Germany, was said to be part of the insurgents who attacked the
State House in Banjul on the 30th December, 2014. He was charged with
several counts, including treason, and tried before a Gambia Armed
Forces Court Martial which convicted him. He was accordingly sentenced
to both death and life imprisonment by the tribunal whose proceedings
were not covered by the media.