NAMs Frown at GNL Officials As financial Document is missing

By Muhammad Bah
Deputies at the Public Accounts and Public Enterprises Committee
(PAC/PEC) of the National Assembly have raised concern on why the
Gambia National Lottery officials failed to submit their financialdocument to the Auditors during the Auditing period.  This question
was raised as a result of a statement made earlier by the Former
Accountant that he had submitted copies to the Auditors recently.
Members expressed this concern on Tuesday 2 June, 2015 during the
third appearance of the Lottery officials to the PAC/PEC
Hon. Abdoulie Saine of Banjul Central said according to them (GNL
officials), the document got lost when they were relocating from their
old office to the new office which happened in 2014 and this Audit was
of 2013.
Hon. Fabakary T. Jatta of Serrekunda East urged his colleagues not to
dwell on that point saying. He added, “we will be very fair as we will
listen to you to clear the benefit of the doubt and that we will
continue to make our committee recommendations”.
Hon. Muhammed Magassy of Basse expressed his disappointment to the
officials as professionals entrusted with a public institution working
without documents.
He said the GNL financial consultant earlier told deputies that he was
not issued a contract document and the Accountants and Management all
said that they have not seen some of the financial documents during
the Audit exercise.
Subject Matter specialists Alhajie T.S Njie asked the whereabouts of
the Board after all these happenings. Mr. Njie told the management
that they are at fault while describing the Board as a failure.
A former staff reveals that each day they would collect around
D120,000 but the next day there would be nothing to pay to people.
He said before he joined the lottery there was not even a Bank Account
and he engaged the management to open an account which they did.
Current and former GNL officials including the former Mayor of Banjul
Samba Faal, Former Chairman, Former Directors and former Accountants
were all present to face the queries.
However the Audit queries could not be cleared on several points which
were noted by the Auditors during their Auditing exercise. The
financial documents, including lack of providing documentation to the
Auditors was not done. Upon completion of their audit queries,
Deputies finally adopted the report after the GNL officials appeared
before the committee for the third time. NAMs are finally expected to
prepare a recommendation on GNL.