GAF Member Sanna Fadera Detained Beyond 72 Hrs

By Kebba Jeffang
Sanna Fadera, a soldier attached to the Bio Chemist laboratory of theSanna Fadera
Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) and also a student studying Biology and Chemistry at the University of The Gambia (UTG), has been in the custody of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) since Wednesday, 27th May, 2015 without access to family.His detention beyond 72 hours without access to family or release on
bail is a violation of the Constitution of the second republic of the
One of the brothers of Fadera has confirmed that he is
still held as of yesterday. He also said that since his arrest, the
family has neither been informed about it by those who are detaining
him nor allowed access to their loved one. He said they do not know
why he was arrested and detained.
Foroyaa has earlier reported the disappearance of Sanna Fadera on
Monday, 1st June, after information was received from a sister of the
GAF member, who also called for his release. She told Foroyaa that she
was reliably informed that Mr. Fadera is being detained at the NIA.
She added that they are worried that her brother is missing his
examinations which are presently going on.
Attempts to reach the GAF Public Relation Officer (PRO) on phone were
not successful.
Foroyaa will, however, continue its efforts to contact the authorities
in the army and the University on the matter for further