Gambians are going through many difficulties in getting visas because most embassies are based in Dakar. It is as if Gambia is not a sovereign state. There is a US Charge d’Affaires in the Gambia instead of an Ambassador and there is a Gambian Charge d’Affairs in the US instead of an Ambassador.

Now there is a British Ambassador instead of a High Commissioner because of Gambia’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth.

One of the most indefatigable head of delegation of the EU in the Gambia is unceremoniously sent out of the country before the completion of the political dialogue between the EU and the Gambia.

What does the future hold for EU-Gambia relation? What is very likely is that Governments would begin to apply the tit for tat approach in international relations which results in mutual expulsion of foreign envoys. This leads to strain in international relations at the expense of the country.

Throwing a government’s weight when others could reciprocate is not the wisest way of conducting international relations.   The future will tell.