Volleyball: Gamtel prolongs fine form

By Sulayman Bah
Gamtel stretched their prepossessing displays in the domesticVolleyball Gamtel
volleyball league beating Gambia Fire and rescue Services.
The telecom outfit walloped Fire and Rescue Service 3-0 on both the
male and female categories at Gambia High School grounds. The telecommunication giant’s girls shoved aside their compatriots on 3-0
sets (25-11, 25-11, 25-20) and (25-14, 25-16, 25-17) to open up the
race for the title.
‘We were so confident that we would win the match, and we are so
pleased to get the three points,’ said Gamtel’s coach Jegan Ndong.
Olympafrica Serrekunda East wowed Interior in the men league 3-1 at
home in another encounter on Saturday. Interior attempted a quick
recovery after a shaky start forcing one-all score.
At 2-1 to Olympafrica, the following rally left even spectators
gasping for air, where both teams displayed superb spikes, blocks, and
saves, with the point eventually going to the visitors. With decisive
spikes Olympafrica got onto the scoreboard fearing that interior would
run away with this set, a time-out was called, with pearls of wisdom
given by the coach. Yet the host still could not catch up with
the visitors, however Olympafrica finally broke into their defense,
dispersing the team to gain a point ending the cracking set 28-26.