PW 10 continues testimony in Sabally’s Economic Crime Trial

By Rohey Jadama
Mr. Alhassan Ndoye, the tenth prosecution witness (PW10), in theModou Sabally SG
ongoing  trial of Mr. Momodou Sabally, the former Secretary General,
Head of the Civil Service and Minister of Presidential Affairs, has
continued his cross-examination before Justice Emmanuel  Amadi of the
Banjul High court yesterday, 11th June 2015.Sabally is charged with two counts of ‘Economic Crimes’, three on
‘Abuse of Office’, two on ‘Neglect of Official duty’ and a single
count on ‘Giving False information to a Public Officer’. He however
pleaded not guilty to all the charges.
Continuing his cross examination of the witness, Lawyer Antouman Gaye,
the counsel for the accused, said “I put it to you that the accused
never asked you to bring anyone to the Gambia for the Roots Home
coming festival.”
PW10, in response, said “The accused asked me to bring people from the
US and I have copies of email sent to them (the accused, Fatou Mass
Jobe the Former Minister of Tourism and Culture and the Mayor of
“You told the court that when you were bringing the vehicles to the
Gambia you paid 50,000 CFA for the two vehicles at the customs post,
did they give you any bill of entry?” enquired Barrister Gaye.
“No the customs did not give me and I asked them but they told me to
go, but in Senegal I was given,” replied the witness.
Counsel Gaye said, “I put it to you that you did not ask for it.” “I asked for it and
last week I went back there to ask the guy about it,” said the Mr.
At this stage, exhibits P7 and P8 were shown to the witness and was told
by the defence counsel that the two exhibits do not contain the names
of the buyer.
“If the columns were filled, it will contain the names of the buyer,”
responded the witness.
“What about the price of the vehicles?” asked Barrister Gaye.
The witness maintained his previous answer.
“I put it to you that exhibits P7 and P8 are being made up for the
purpose of this trial,” insisted the defence counsel.
“They were not being made up for this trial because PW1 mentioned it
at the NIA and the NIA’s were given copies,” said the witness.
“Someone from the NIA came to testify here in court but he did not
tender it here?” quizzed Counsel Gaye.
“I was not in court when he was testifying,” replied the witness.
“You will agree with me that 99% of the exhibits are blank,” said the
defence counsel.
“Yes but the information needed from the accused were not obtained on
it, but it was not totally blank,” responded the witness.
Counsel Gaye said, “I put it to you that there was absolutely no information needed from the
accused person.” The witness said, “Yes information was needed from him to close the
Counsel Gaye added, “You told the court that PW1 came to your house in Dakar and told you
that the accused sent him and that they are holding your vehicles as
collateral and that you are to choose from 3 projects.” The witness said, “Yes I said
so but the way the lawyer put it is different.”
Counsel Gaye said, “I put it to you that your answer is concocted. The accused never
sent PW1 to you, much more to tell you about projects.”
“It was PW1 who introduced me to the accused so whatever he told me am
going to believe it,” responded the witness.
The judge intervened and told the witness that that was not the answer.
In responding to the question, Mr. Ndoye said  “I’m not sure, but all
the communication between me and the accused was done through PW1.”
The case continues on Wednesday 17th June 2015 at 11am.