GPA Responds US Sanction on Ships

By Muhammed Sailu Bah
The Gambia Ports Authority has issued a statement of compliance inA vessel docked at the port of Banjul
connection with the US sanction on Vessels coming from the Gambia; this
was done immediately after a GPA board meeting.The press release highlighted that the Gambia Ports Authority has
place all security measures that was recommended by the US coast guard
during their visit to the GPA in 2013.
It further stated that, ‘The corrective measures implemented by the
GPA in this regard,  resulted in the Update  of  the  Port  Facility
Security  Plan  for  the  Port  of  Banjul,  which warranted
the    Designated      Authority, being  the Gambia Maritime
Administration, to issue  a Statement of Compliance  to the Port of
Banjul. The  Management of the  Gambia  Ports  Authority  (GPA) wish
to  bring  to  the attention of all  stakeholders in  the
international maritime  industry that  the GPA has  been  issued
with  a  Statement  of  Compliance  by  the  Designated Authority,
the Gambia  Maritime Administration.”

A notice issued on Monday 22 June 2015, by the United States coast
guard announced the imposition of conditions of entry as 6 July 2015,
on vessels arriving in US from Gambian water Ports due to latter’s
failure to maintain effective anti-terrorism measures.