DLEA Officer Cross Examined in “Tortured” man Case

By Kebba Jeffang
Lawyer, Modou Drammeh, representing Sheikh Cham, whoSheikh Cham
claimed he was ‘tortured’ by the officers of the Drug Law Enforcement
Agency (DLEA), has cross examined the first prosecution witness at the
proceedings held at the Kanifing Magistrates’ court on Wednesday, 1st
July, 2015 before Magistrate Colley.Mr. Kebbeh, who identified his rank identification number as NCA3. The prosecutor
admitted that force has been used during the arrest of the accused
person but added that it was minimal. He explained that the force used
was to put the accused person on hand cuff. He denied that the accused
person has been tortured.
“Nobody hit him. We used our techniques to arrest him and that is by
putting him on hand cuff,” said the officer.
“I am putting it to you that the reason you brought this accused
person to court is that he published the incident on Foroyaa
newspaper,” said the lawyer. The witness disagreed.
The narcotic officer alleged that the accused person has lied to them
by giving false information about his occupation. When asked by the
lawyer whether he has evidence of that allegation in a written form,
he responded in the positive.
The defence lawyer urged the court to be served with the said document
by the prosecution and there was no objection made.
“What did he say his occupation was?” asked lawyer. The witness said
the accused person told them that his occupation is plumbing, auditing
and music technician.
At this juncture, the matter was adjourned to Monday, 13th July, 2015
at 2pm for continuation of cross examination of PW1.